davidsdenHello and welcome to EasyChessTips!

My name is David Hurley and I have been playing chess on and off since I was at primary school, a few decades ago!

I am not an expert player, but have a grade on Gameknot.com that fluctuates between the dizzy heights of the lower 1700s when I am on a winning streak, and the less impressive lower 1500s when I soar too high and run into Grade A opposition.

No matter what my rating may be on any particular day, I have built up a lot of experience and have a lot of games and examples to draw from which offer useful tips on what to do – or what NOT to do in certain situations in the opening, middle and end game.

My focus is on offering some insights for casual players who would like to improve their ability to “read” the situation and also to develop psychological strength.

So, if you are just starting out on your chess adventures, or have played for a while but either do not have a chess ranking, or have a ranking somewhere below 1600, then EasyChessTips.com is for you!

I share my personal experiences – chess victories and disasters, brilliant moves, or moves that “did the job” by bluffing or browbeating a weaker-minded opponent into doing what I wanted. I also share my personal disasters, where I was carved up by a superior player, or made a facile blunder!

If something grabs your attention, feel free to post a comment or ask a question. I appreciate every comment and enjoy chatting about chess, so if you have anything to share or any insights to offer, please do post a comment. I love feedback in every form.

Who Am I…?

I am a British bloke who lives in Japan where I lead a double life as an English language teacher and an Internet business owner.

I also spend quite a bit of time playing chess on Gameknot.com via my smart phone. Gameknot is free to join, so if you’d like to challenge me to a game, sign up and search for “hirohurl” – I always accept a challenge!

Twice a month I play a game of chess with one of my private students, Doctor M. Some of our games will undoubtedly feature on this site.

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your chess and thank you for dropping by! :)


David Hurley


Contact: EasyChessTips.com/contact