Are you ready to take your chess to the next level?

Here are a series of chess training video courses by Russian International Grandmaster and chess coach, Igor Smirnov that will raise every aspect of your game.

The Grandmaster’s Secrets

Grandmaster's SecretsThis course will show you the MOST essential principles of chess. Learn how to think and train like the PROs with this course.

Igor Smirnov’s The Grandmaster’s Secrets course is the ideal place for Beginners and Intermediate level chess players to learn how to improve their skill in chess.

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Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory

Know how to EFFICIENTLY study an opening! Comes with a reliable opening repertoire for both White and Black.

This course will allow you to study a really powerful opening repertoire in a convenient and effective way!

The practical part of this course was designed by Igor Smirnov not only for studying, but also for your pre-game preparation (especially useful during tournaments). It will make your pre-game preparation quick and extremely powerful.

You will also learn how to make best use of books on openings and how to use computer analysis of openings to maximum effect.

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Your Winning Plan

Planning is one of the MOST important skills in chess! Learn how to read the chess board like an open book and plan like the PROs:

Chess is inherently a strategic game. That’s why strategic skills are the most important thing in chess. They allow you to understand what you should do in any position. Chess players usually call it “a chess understanding”.

However, players experience their biggest problems in complex middlegame positions, when they are not sure what to do.

 Igor Smirnov’s course will train you to improve your chess understanding and show you how to create winning plans.




An Endgame Expert

Endgame ExpertLearn how to play the endgame like Smyslov, Capablanca, and Karpov! Win those endgames like the PROs!

An Endgame Expert gives you ALL you need to know about any endgame.
It shows you how endgame Masters think and how they come to the right moves.
It gives you a step-by-step algorithm of thinking, which allows you to find the best move in any endgame position.
Thus, you will be able to imitate an endgame Expert’s thinking process and achieve the same great results!
 Serious students improve by 200-300 rating points after learning from this chess course.

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Self Taught Grandmaster

Make your training program three times more effective with the most effective chess training techniques.

A lot of people study chess, but only 1-3% of players really make great progress. What separates them from the rest?

It is NOT a matter of talent. Yes, you need talent to reach the top (over 2600-2700 rating). However, anyone can improve their ratings by +200-300 points and achieve a titled status.

The major factor is not how much you train, but HOW you train.

In order to progress in chess, you need a training program which will give you a comprehensive system of chess knowledge. Igor Smirnov’s “Self-taught Grandmaster” does just that.

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