This is the section where I will post links to blog posts dealing with chess endgame training tips.

I will link to endgame situations that I have found myself in, either on the winning or losing side of the battle, with the aim of offering endgame training insights into the tactical possibilities that can emerge at this stage of the game.

Silman Chess Endgame Training BookEndgame Tips will also link to any noteworthy endgames fought out between professional players that I happen to blog about.

The page will also provide links to chess endgame training books whenever I post reviews. One endgame book I thoroughly recommend is Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master by Jeremy Silman.

Endgame Training Tips

  1. Stalemate in Chess A last ditch ruse when victory is impossible and defeat seems imminent…
  2. White Knight or Poisoned Gift? Learn to be a bit crafty and play on your opponent’s latent greed to lure him into a fatal skewer…