Can you spot and calculate the ‘Killer Tactic’ in this disarming video in which GingerGM celebrates a fine checkmate at his own expense!?

In the video, GingerGM’s good friend, GM Mark Hebden, finds a beautiful way to checkmate him in the Bunratty chess competition in Ireland earlier this year.

I suggest you pause the video and see if you can find that ‘Killer Tactic’!

By the way, the reason why GingerGM refers to Mark Hebden as the “Jimmy White of Chess” is because, like Jimmy White, he has nearly won the British championships on numerous occasions without actually managing to do so up until now.

However, Mark Hebden has won the British Rapidplay Chess Championships several times, most recently in 2013 and 2015 .

I would also like to add that Mark Hebden is a generous chap with his cigarillos as he cheerfully allowed me to blag one off him at the British Chess Championships in Llandudno in 2017!